We make airguns quiet.

0dB Silencers are specially designed to reduce the air blast from an airgun and silence the report. Externally they are stylized to upgrade the appearance, making them beautiful and effective. 0dB Silencers are available in different sizes and colors, allowing you to personalize your air rifle.

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The 0dB Silencer range consists of several models, the 110C, the 160S, the Magnum 40 and the 0dB Tactical. All units are made from high grade aluminum with precisice CNC machining and come finished with intricate design. The tubes are ventilated and finished in a stainless steel mesh to add to the beauty while assisting in the noise reduction. In the 110C and 160S models, there are also a variety of color options, which currently include: Black, Blue, Red and Cerakote Tan. The Tactical and Magnum 40 are only available in Black.


110C = 4.3″ (110mm)

160S = 6.3″ (160mm) Tactical = 6.75″ (171mm) Magnum 40 = 7.6″ (194mm)

Annodized options in Black, Blue, Red, and Cerakote finish in Tan.


110C = starting at $169.99*

160S = starting at $239.99* Tactical = $259.99 Magnum 40 = $299.99 *Color options extra

110C = 3.8 oz (108g)

160S = 5.2 oz (147g) Tactical = 5 oz (142g) Magnum 40 = 7.4 oz (210g)

Close sizing for maximum noise efficiency, available in .177/.22, .25, or .30 calibers